Duapa Partners Ghana Embassy to Hold Maiden Business Forum .

From London to Beijing
August 12, 2019
October 25, 2019
A report By Tozo
The Ghanaian Entrepreneurs Business Forum (GEB) was held this year from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th of August at the River View Hotel in Beijing, China. The event gathered high-level diplomatic personalities, government officials, leaders/managers of private institutions and tens of Ghanaian entrepreneurs from various business backgrounds operating both in Ghana and China. Duapa Africa played a major role in the success of the forum by participating as a partner and member of organizing committee with the Embassy of Ghana in Beijing, the Ministry of Business Development of the Republic of Ghana, the River Delta Law Firms in Shanghai, Wenzhou University, the Investment Promotion Center of CCPIT and the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC).
During the forum, keynote speeches, lectures, business presentations, products exhibition and other activities were successfully delivered by organizers and other guest speakers to the audience. Major activities began on Saturday morning with a keynote address by the Deputy Ambassador, Dr. Charles Dwamena. In his lecture, Dr. Charles helped the audience to understand the logic behind the slogan “Ghana Beyond Aid”; a national development roadmap initiated by the Head of the State, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and the government of the Republic of Ghana. He explained that the slogan doesn’t mean anything that dispenses Ghana from foreign assistance; rather, it outlines the roadmap for Ghana’s determination to be a self-reliant country through efficient utilization of national resources. As he went on, Dr. Charles explained that President Akufo-Addo stressed that the purpose of the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda is to essentially mobilize and conscientize Ghanaians "that no one was going to come from anywhere to develop Ghana for them other than Ghanaians themselves”.

Representatives of Ghanaian companies based either in China or Ghana were also given the floor to share their success stories, challenges and their ways forward. On this occasion, Ms. Gaelle Ayamou, Co-Founder of Duapa Africa, Head of Communication and Media took on the opportunity to share her views on start-ups, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in China. Taking the example of Duapa and based on her own experiences, she helped understand the very basic steps and any further requirements that pertain to entrepreneurs while building a company in China. Mr. Samuel Ansong, Duapa’s Chief Strategist and IT Officer also shared with the audience the core values, mission, vision, focus or the target industries and client base of Duapa Africa, not forgetting past achievements and plan for future. Ms. Gaelle and Mr. Samuel’s presentations was complemented by Ms. Alexa Zhang, the International Cooperation Officer at Haidian Pioneer Park (HPP) who provided detailed information on the registration process and the support given to international talents throughout the incubation of their start-up by HPP.
During the breakout session, Dr. Charles Dwamena from the Ghana Embassy and Mr. Kokou Wotodjo Tozo from Duapa organized the forum participants into five different teams. Each team was given the opportunity to propose and share ideas in contribution to the creation of the awaited Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce in China (GCCIC). Major topics discussed include defining the purposes of the GCCIC, qualifications for membership, selection of champion and the board of leaders, selection of duty station, model of financial management and the inclusion of public authorities. The engagement of the participants in this activity was remarkable, earning Duapa the responsibility to build a database and provide a comprehensive report on the propositions put forward by everyone. In this course, Duapa has promised to actively work with the Ghanaian Embassy in order to produce and submit a complete charter for the creation of the GCCIC as soon as possible.

By : Tozo Kokou

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