May 31, 2019
Mental health: A student Narrates Her First Year Ordeal .
August 5, 2019
The first of its kind for entrepreneurs
By Gaelle and Amina
On Saturday June 15th, students and young professionals, start-ups founders, and other stakeholders gathered at the multifunctional hall of the Zhongguancun Chuangye Tower in Shangdi, Beijing, as part of the event dubbed Living my Chinese Dream. The 3-hour event, co-organized by Duapa Africa and Haidian Pioneer Park (HPP), served as a platform for international talents in Beijing to connect with like-minded individuals and to learn about the activities and job opportunities of the different start-ups present at the event. Through a series of workshops that were held, all participants also had the opportunity to get insights into the entrepreneurial and employment ecosystems of Beijing.
The event kicked off with keynote speeches by representatives of both Duapa Africa and HPP, who highlighted the purpose and relevance of holding such an event at this season of the year, when a significant number of Chinese and international students graduate from different Chinese universities. While Mr. Ibrahim Anyass and Ms. Amina Akele, respectively Finance and Administration officer and Business and Development Manager at Duapa Africa, emphasized the need for creating a platform that matches the several young graduates and professionals with relevant job opportunities and other employment resources, Ms. Alexa Zhang, International Cooperation Officer at HPP, pointed to the entrepreneurial opportunities available to them.
In the workshop that followed her keynote, Ms. Alexa Zhang introduced Beijing’s start-up ecosystem to the different participants, providing them with relevant information related to the type of support international talents can get from business incubators such as Haidian Pioneer Park and to the procedure to follow in order to get their start-ups into HPP, which is one of China’s leading business incubators.
In a workshop that rather focused on China’s job market, Ms. Bella Guo, Human Resources Manager of Shanghai Global Expertise and Talents Co. Ltd. who has over 10 years of experience in the HR field, presented the type of candidates and CVs that are attractive in the eyes of most human resource managers in China. Her presentation also provided insights into policies regulating the job market in China, as well as some job opportunities available for international talents across the country and beyond. Highlights from the event also include a roadshow, during which 9 companies, operating in different sectors, were given three minutes each to introduce their operations to the participants. These included BoostUp Group, Duapa Africa, Mind-mix International Cultural Communication Co. Ltd., 易道信安(YiDao XinAn), Peking Great Technology Limited, 北京九维视界科技有限责任公司 (JiuWei FenXi), Shao Studios Media Co. Ltd., and Business School Netherlands (BSN).
The event ended with a networking session that allowed participants to make useful connections, after witnessing the closing session during which Duapa Africa Co-founder and CEO, Mr. Musa Frimpong presented citations and certificates of appreciation to partners and interns respectively, on the occasion of the company’s first anniversary (Click here to watch Duapa Africa first anniversary video). Given the positive outcomes and feedback that followed Living My Chinese Dream, Duapa Africa have reiterated their commitment to capacity building at an even greater scale in the coming months and years

By : Amina and Gaelle

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