DUAPA AFRICA Holds Maiden ‘CHINA-AFRICA Innovative Industry Forum: Solar Power Session In Beijing

DUAPA AFRICA Holds Maiden ‘CHINA-AFRICA Innovative Industry Forum: Solar Power Session In Beijing
March 27, 2019
The Maiden Forum for African Diaspora in China
May 21, 2019
Solar Africa was the main focus of the first session ‘Solar Power’, of the China – Africa Innovative Industry Forum that was held in Dongcheng district Beijing on Friday the 22nd of March. What comes to mind when solar energy in Africa is mentioned? Solar energy industry within the China- Africa cooperation scope?
DUAPA Africa, in partnership with SGET, BDK, Poly Solar and Goodhope Insights, organized the first session of the Innovative Industry Forum to give insights into the solar energy industry within the China–Africa scope, by providing a platform for more cooperation between African businesses, governments and individuals with their Chinese counterparts. It was an afternoon of networking, exhibitions and presentations, organized in line with one of DUAPA’s missions; driving socioeconomic transformation and sustainable development of Africa and Africans through innovative solutions. The following African Embassies in Beijing were represented at the forum alongside major players in the Solar Energy industry in China and Africa; Embassy of the Republic of Namibia, Embassy of Ethiopia, Rwanda Embassy, Embassy of Tunisia, Egypt Embassy and Nigerian Embassy. The Forum was opened by welcome remarks from Deputy Director of International Department at BDK, Shawn Cao followed by the Founder of DUAPA Africa, Musa Frimpong, Founder of Goodhope Insight, Terrence Zhang and CEO of Shanghai Global and Expertise Talents, Vira Du.
Then followed Addresses from President of Poly Solar, Ms Aihua Teng talks about her hope to see Africa developing through partnering with China , From the Egypt Embassy, The Third Secretary, Mr. Tamer Kambashawy explains the potential that the Benban Solar Park . A short break was then observed afterwards where audience were treated to some snacks . During the break , most attendees took the opportunity to socialize and share ideas with others . The Session resumed with the second part of the progrm which was the much awaited panel discussion by industry experts.
In closing, a quiz was conducted based on the topics discussed that afternoon to gauge whether one of the main purposes of the forum was achieved; to present to the audience Africa’s potential in green energy, solar energy being one of the major ones given that the continent has the highest percentage of sunshine throughout the year. DUAPA Africa handed out prizes to the winners of the quizzes. Some pictures of the event are seen below .

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